Year 50 Day 118

My wife and I outside Westminster Abbey.

Day 118: Today we started off at Westminster Abbey, including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries special exhibit, which has an incredible view of the abbey (but doesn’t allow photos) in addition to the extra artifacts on display. The abbey is beautiful, and it was neat to glance around and constantly be seeing another tomb or memorial with a historical name I recognized.

As we were waiting for our entrace time to the abbey we walked around the blocks surrounding it, getting some gorgeous views of the Palace of Westminster (Parliament) and Big Ben (technically the Elizabeth Tower; Big Ben is the bell), seeing New Scotland Yard, and some statues of famous people — including Abraham Lincoln. So yes, we went to London to visit a Lincoln memorial. ;)

After Westminster we walked over to Buckingham Palace, then took a stroll through Hyde Park to the Marble Arch (which is under renovation, so is currently serving as a Vodaphone advertisement), and then went on to Selfridge’s department store. Which may seem like a slightly odd tourist destination, but we had recently watched a surprisingly interesting PBS documentary on Henry Selfridge and the store that bears his name, so we had fun wandering through.

Finally, we ended the day with a visit to the London Eye ferris wheel and its beautiful views of London.

Bonus photos: At Isaac Newton’s tomb in Westminster, eating ice cream in Hyde Park, and over the city in the London Eye.

My wife and in front of Isaac Newton's very ornate tomb in Westminster Abbey.

My wife and I holding soft-serve ice cream cones with flakey chocolate sticks in them in front of the lake at Hyde Park.

My wife and I in one of the carriages of the London Eye ferris wheel; the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and the Thames are visible behind and below us.