Year 50 Day 281

Me tucked in bed, reading an old Star Trek children’s book.

Day 281: Just a little light reading before going to sleep. Read both of the two Star Trek children’s books (exclusively produced for libraries in 1977) in my Christmas haul tonight; they were just as good as you’d expect. As long as your expectations weren’t very high, at least. One of them at least had decent artwork; I’m not sure the illustrator of the other had ever actually seen Star Trek.

Bonus shots: Klingons that don’t look at all like Klingons and have a ship that looks remarkably like space station K-7.

A two-page spread of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy discovering Klingons, stunning them, and stealing their uniforms to use as disguises. The Klingons look like generic white men, and their uniforms look like yellow and red gymnastic outfits, with pointed shiny helmets, and they carry spears.

Another two-page spread. Our heroes find a Klingon ship being loaded with loot; the ship looks like the space station K-7 from “The Trouble With Tribbles”.