Year 50 Day 331

Me wearing a t-shirt with a parody of the famous Joy Division image, this one says 'Nimoy Division' and the imge shows a Vulcan salute. I'm standing on a stage in front of a large screen with graphics showing turntables, wave forms, and my DJ Wüdi at Norwescon logo.

Day 331: Norwescon day one is done! (So done, in fact, that I’m actually posting this on Friday morning, though I’ll backdate the post so it shows up on the right day on my blog.) Most of the day was running around, socializing, and helping out where I could, and then the evening was me DJing for the Thursday night dance. The dance went well for a Thursday night (since it’s the first night and still in the work week, it’s always a little more sparsely attended), and as always, I’ve recorded the full thing and in a few days will have it posted for anyone who wants to listen to four hours of music (with only a few fumbles).

Bonus shots: From earlier in the day, my daytime t-shirt was from Chuck Tingle; Philip K. Dick Award nominated books on display in the Dealers’ Room, and a shot from our opening ceremonies.

Me in front of the convention registration desk with people standing in line; I'm wearing a black t-shirt that says 'resist the void' with an image of Trump as a Cthulhu-like tentacled creature.

A book display for all six nominated works for this year's Philip K Dick award.

A shot from midway back in a crowd of people sitting in chairs in a hotel ballroom facing a stage with several empty chairs behind one person speaking. There is a large screen with artwork at the back of the stage, and two large screens to either side displaying live captions for the speaker.