Year 50 Day 332

Me wearing a black cap, black suit jacket with grey pinstripes, black shirt, and Star Trek bow tie, in front of a stage with a screen showing a slide that says 'Welcome to the 2024 Philip K Dick Awards'

Day 332: Norwescon day two is done! (Yes, once again, posting this the next morning and backdating.) Today was all about the Philip K. Dick Award. I wore my now-traditional Friday morning/day “electric sheep” t-shirt, and attended the readings for each of the three attending nominated authors. The afternoon was a bit more hectic than expected due to tech demands requiring us to move the location of the ceremony from one ballroom to the next on four hours’ notice (physically, not much of a move, but arranging logistics and getting set for the needs of the new location kept me very busy), but in the end, the ceremony went off quite well, and it was kind of fun to have it on the main stage this year. The rest of the evening was dancing and then watching a Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast from the back of the room (because I didn’t have enough energy to be very participatory). All in all, another good day!

Bonus shots: My Philip K. Dick referencing “electric sheep” shirt, getting a selfie with attending nominees S.L. Coney, Dilman Dila, and winner Bethany Jacobs, and in the back of the room for RHPS wearing my Friday night shirt.

Me in my hotel room wearing a grey t-shirt with pixel art of a fluffy white sheet plugged into an electric outlet with an orange cord.

A selfie with me, S.L. Coney (a white woman with short cut brown hair and glasses wearing a black shirt under a purple top), Dilman Dila (a tall Black man wearing a purple shirt with a colorful patterned collar), and Bethany Jacobs (a white woman with short brown hair and glasses wearing a black suit jacket over a light top).

Me in the back of a hotel ballroom, with a crowd watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the background; I'm wearing a black t-shirt with white text that says 'This man isn't wearing any pants!'