Year 50 Day 333

Me wearing a shirt that says 'yes, this is me flirting with you', standing in front of a group of convention photographers with their cameras aimed at me.

Day 333: Day three of Norwescon is done! While I had much less on my schedule today, it was still a very full day, with a mix of socializing, helping out here and there where I could, and some very well-deserved mid-day napping. Both of today’s shirts got a lot of laughs, and though I certainly wasn’t costumed, I got hauled into having my photo taken in the evening photography area, which seemed an obvious opportunity for a good selfie. Then a night of floating between the dance and the parties until it was time to fall over.

Bonus shots: My morning shirt and the lineup of people playing pinball and video games, Gandalf the Pink, and a Little Red Riding Hood whose encounter with the wolf didn’t go so well…

Me in front of a very busy lineup of pinball and arcade machines, wearing a shirt that says, 'if you are reading this, then you are blissfullly unaware of what is creeping up behind you'.

An old white man with white hair and long beard, wearing a pink robe and cloak with Hello Kitty accents, holding a pink staff with a Hello Kitty head attached.

A white woman with long wavy blonde hair, wearing a tan corset, white top, and red cloak, with red eyes and three claw slashes across the left side of her face.