Year 50 Day 334

Me in a hotel meeting room with a few people around chairs behind me; I'm wearing a black button-up short-sleeve shirt with large colorful Easter eggs on it.

Day 334: Norwescon day four is done! A fair chunk of the day was taken up by either packing or end-of-con web duties (awards posts, site updates for when the con is over, etc.), but there was also enough time for chats, goodbyes, and hugs from friends (and plenty of compliments on the Easter-themed shirt that my wife found for me). Another good year in the books! Next year, Norwescon 47…and Seattle Worldcon 2025!

Bonus shots: My morning shirt for the day, and the “Wasteland Prom” group photo shoot.

Me in front of gold patterned elevator doors, wearing a t-shirt that says 'do good recklessly'.

A group of people in front of a photo backdrop with the Norwescon logo, dressed in outfits inspired by the idea of a Mad Max-themed prom, mashing distressed clothing with formal wear.