Bruce Wayne warns wealth tax on billionaires could result in fewer crimes foiled via jet-powered cars: “When asked whether a wealth tax could help curb costumed murders by investing in public schools, job retraining, and community mental health initiatives, Wayne responded, ‘Sure, but do any of those programs involve a 7000 pound car that can drive up walls? I think not.'”

Potentially interesting additions to people I’m following on Twitter:

I found the Joker through a Wired article yesterday (I think). Today Rachel started following me, and I found most of the rest directly and indirectly through her, except for Edward, who added me while I was exploring.

I’m not sure exactly what’s going on here, but it’s intriguing so far. While it could be a tie-in to the current movie, it’s obviously working at least somewhat on its own chronology, as (slight spoilers here) a couple of those people are no more as of the end of the movie. At the same time, a couple more of those characters haven’t popped up in the current movie timeline, so perhaps there’s some long-term advance campaign for the next movie, whenever it comes along?

In any case, they’re actually savvy enough to have some sort of actual people behind the personas; there’s been some interaction with other Twitterers that they’re not solely advertising ‘bots. They may not stay on my Twitter list long-term, but for the moment, they’ve peaked my curiosity enough to keep an eye on them.

Possibly related accounts that just appeared on Twitter in the last few days:

I told you I’d get around to this. ;)

In brief — it rocked. There are a select few movies that were a successful translation from the comic book medium to the silver screen (Superman, Batman, and X-Men — all IMHO, of course), and Spider-Man just rocketed straight to the top of that list.

Plot — well, okay, it’s a summertime comic book movie, but for what it was, it worked quite well. Cast — spot-on. Effects — a bit shakey here and there, but overall quite impressive. Directing — Sam Raimi kicks much booty.

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