It seems kind of weird to say this, given, well, everything – but it was actually a good Halloween for us this year. Yesterday was a good day.

We started by getting the weekly shopping out of the way, and then had a good breakfast followed by a late morning nap. I spun “afternün spüki tünes” on Twitch for a couple hours (to just two or three people, but hey, I had fun with it, at least). We had lunch, went out for a walk, and then I put on my inflatable T-Rex costume and we took a bunch of silly pictures around the neighborhood. For the evening, we drove up to Queen Anne and enjoyed a drive-in horror short film festival, which had a number of fun entries, and only a couple that we didn’t enjoy.

Really, and quite thankfully, it was a far better Halloween day than we’d thought it was going to be when it became clear just how much 2020 was going to be affecting Goth Christmas.

Sometime between January 27th and October 30th, I thought this stuff was interesting. You might think so too!