Year 50 Day 125

Me holding a Lego version of London showing the National Gallery, Nelson's Column, Parliament and Big Ben, the London Eye, and Tower Bridge.

Day 125: I actually got dressed and left the house today! Just a brief run to Target, but hey, it was something to do on the final day before going back to work. And our final Lego vacation memento: Another version of London.

Year 50 Day 124

Me holding a small Lego classic red double-decker London bus.

Day 124: Being able to have nearly a full unscheduled week after the travel part of our vacation finished is so nice. I highly recommend this approach to easing back into normal life. Oh, and today’s post-vacation Lego: a classic red double-decker London bus!

Year 50 Day 121

Me on the couch in our living room, holding a small Lego model of the New York City skyline.

Day 121: We’re home! After three weeks of travel, including a transcontinental railway journey from Seattle to New York City, touring NYC and seeing a Broadway show, a trans-Atlantic voyage on the Queen Mary II, four days in London, the flight back, and a couple nights to acclimate, it’s good to be in our own space again!

Also, during the months leading up to the trip, we found a few Lego sets that relate to the trip in some way. However, we didn’t want to build them just yet, as any photos might have ended up hinting at our travels, and we were having fun planning that without telling most people about our plans. So now I get to build them! First up: The New York City skyline.

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Linkdump for September 1st through September 3rd

Sometime between September 1st and September 3rd, I thought this stuff was interesting. You might think so too!

This isn’t released until a couple weeks after my birthday, but this new LEGO rollercoaster would still make a great (late) birthday present, on the off chance one of you has a spare $380 to spend on me. ;)