Year 50 Day 312

Me wearing a black t-shirt with the Norwescon logo in green, standing in Maxi's Lounge at the DoubleTree hotel, holding three old Star Trek LPs.

Day 312: Today was the final planning meeting before Norwescon 46 kicks off in just about two and a half weeks! Lots going on, but this is looking to be another good year.

Plus, more Star Trek goodies being passed my way from friends! (Gotta say, I’m definitely enjoying being the person people think of when they dig up old Trek stuff.) Three old LPs (1976’s Inside Star Trek, and two of the Star Trek Story Records, Record 1 from 1975 and Record 8 from 1976) and a neat little “Star Trek Lives” commemorative medallion from 1974 that I don’t have any further information on…yet.

Bonus shots: Both sides of the medallion.

A bronze colored medallion a little over an inch in diameter molded with images of Kirk and Spock.

The front of the medallion; small text says “©1974 Paramount Pictures Corp”.

The back side of the medallion with the TOS U.S.S. Enterprise.

The back of the medallion; the text says “Star Trek Lives! U.S.S. Enterprise Its 5 year mission: to seek out new life & new civilizations…to boldly go where no man has gone before! First nationally televised episode Sept. 8, 1966 No. 1”.