Watched the last three episodes of season three of Enterprise this evening. The show definitely improved over the first two seasons, but went to some pretty dark places. Was not expecting the cliffhanger ending, though! One more season of the only Trek I haven’t watched. 🖖

Star Trek: Picard S01E06: Much better than last week. Borg cube action that isn’t just squicky siblings, Soji hits a point of no return, and Picard comes face to face with parts of his past, good and bad. But who gave the Romulans a Lament Configuration? ;)

On S3 of ENT (my first time), and people complaining about how dark DIS is must be forgetting the millions dead on Earth, Archer’s obsession leading to psychological torture, organ farming, and piracy, T’Pol’s drug addiction, and who knows what else. Not a shiny happy show! 🖖

Adding to my list of probably wrong predictions about where a current Star Trek show is going (most recently, for Discovery, those would include that the Kelpiens and the Ba’ul are different stages of the same species and that Control was the genesis of the Borg)….

Spoilers for episodes two and three of Picard follow, but probably not for anything beyond that, because I’m usually wrong about these things. :)

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Our “Movies we think you’ll like” lineup on Amazon Prime tonight included:

Sherlock Holmes
Murder on the Orient Express
The VelociPastor


Movies for Cats – Forest Songbirds

Apparently, the combination of Law and Order SVU, The Fabulous Mrs. Maisel, The Expanse, and Dr. Who (before it was taken off) is enough to convince Amazon that we’re…murder kittens.

Well, okay then.