Since I’ll hit 20 years of blogging this November, this year I’m posting a daily list of anything I published on this day in the past.

There are 15 posts previously published on June 12th

  • 2018
    • Neat long look at how Netflix is doing what it’s doing in The Netflix Binge Factory: “Netflix is hiring everybody in and out of Hollywood to make more TV shows than any network ever has, and it already knows which ones you’ll like.”
  • 2016
    • Thanks everyone for your notes (comments, likes, hearts, etc.) on my hooding ceremony picture and yesterday’s with Mom and Dad. It’s been a very nice weekend. For tonight, I’m being amused at our little exercise trampoline acting as a silly halo. (164/366)
  • 2014
    • Since this is graduation weekend (here, at least), I changed my mind on my #throwbackthursday shot. Here’s @jenadzima, Charles, and me at our high school graduation in 1991!
  • 2009
    • Links for June 8th through June 12th Sometime between June 8th and June 12th, I thought this stuff was interesting. You might think so too!
    • EMPSFM and Muppets I think my puppet looks the best -- not only did I know the lyrics, but I have that version of 'Rainbow Connection' in my collection, so I was able to keep 'Kurt' pretty synced up with the music. Fun!
  • 2003
    • If this country fails I think that what drives me to keep going is the knowledge that if this country fails, then a beacon for the world is lost. And this country is headed for failure under this president.
    • Habits Certain events must be described as 'fuckin' awesome.'
    • But what about the kittens? Logic, of course, can be skewed terribly when your premise is a theory based on the Lord being a female kitten.
    • Speakeasy needs a laxative! we are awaiting the new upgrade switch to be thrown deep within the bowels of speakeasy. once this bowel movement is finished please credit the customer a month of service. they have agreed to recontract if we do this favor for them. it's like a new order, only it's an old order with a funny hat on.
    • Fundamentalism Christian Fundamentalism: The doctrine that there is an absolutely powerful, infinitely knowledgeable, universe spanning entity that is deeply and personally concerned about my sex life.
  • 2002
    • ClearChannel sucks ClearChannel owns a ridiculous amount of the radio stations in this country, and seems intent on driving them all down into blandness and mediocrity.
    • Switch Apple's got one word for you.
    • Welcome back WaSP After a short hiatus to regroup, the Web Standards Project is back up and running.
    • Emperor of the US I first read about Norton I, Emperor of the United States of America in one of the Sandman graphic novels by Neil Gaiman.
    • Music industry wakes up According to a story in the LA Times, Universal and Sony will be offering low-cost, unencrypted music downloads over the 'net.

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