Since I’ll hit 20 years of blogging this November, this year I’m posting a daily list of anything I published on this day in the past.

There are 19 posts previously published on June 15th

  • 2017
  • 2016
    • Introducing Toby to his new pals. It’s a #tinydinosaur trio!
    • This #tinydragon is really cool. Seems to be happy enough perched on my knee.
    • Prairie went to Leavenworth today, and brought back some even tinier tiny animals! A #tinypenguin, two #tinydinosaur, and even a #tinydragon! (167/366)
    • Chucks of the day (15/?): black low tops with bright green inner lining and grey laces and sidewall stripes. #chucks #converse
  • 2014
    • Back at the movies again. Oh, no! There goes Tokyo! Go go Godzilla!
  • 2007
    • Ladybug Not quite as cute when seen this close up, are they? At full size, you can see the hairs on the ladybug's legs!
  • 2006
    • Five Years Today marks five years since I left Anchorage and moved down to Seattle. Yay!
  • 2005
  • 2004
    • Techno-lust The Wall Street Journal's top seven items of techno-lust, with commentary by me.
    • They’re legal! Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turned eighteen yesterday. How did I miss that little milestone?
    • A love letter to Star Trek Something to bring a smile to your face (especially if, like me, you're a life-long Trekk[ie/er]) -- a love letter to Star Trek.
    • Why Garfield sucks Not having been a fan of Garfield since my age hit the double-digits, I can't really say that I was terribly surprised by this look at Jim Davis' marketing-centric approach to producing the Garfield comic strip.
    • Winer goes off the deep end It's difficult for me to even conceive of doing something like this. While I don't host anywhere near the number of sites that did (whatever that number might be), I do host a few friends sites for free, and I can't imagine simply pulling the plug on their sites. Not only is it an amazingly callous thing to do, but the guilt alone would have me up at night — and that's just for three other people!
    • Racism is alive and well Owners of a New Jersey swim club are paying one million dollars to settle a lawsuit against them for denying access to 'black' and 'brown skinned' people.
    • Not terribly subtle [Ronald Reagan] was also a deeply, unabashedly religious man. But he accepted that as a responsibility, not a mandate. And there is a profound difference.
  • 2002
    • One year in Seattle! It's been a good year. The usual ups and downs of day to day life, sometimes with a bit more stress due to the new environs and the general issues of transplanting one's life, but overall, pretty good.

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