New Page: Link Recommendations

I’ve just added a new Link Recommendations page, inspired by’s post:

…search is irreparably broken. Finding solid information about a topic is harder and harder. I think the only way we can fix this is to go back to relying on human curation.

The Yahoo model (not unique to Yahoo, but it’s a relatable example for people my age) was having a directory of websites based on topics. You go to the anime section, you get links to various anime websites. There wasn’t an infinite slop of fake blog results.

…my proposal was, and still is, simple. Do you have a personal website? Or just anywhere you can share some links? Make a page full of links to resources for things you care about. […] Then link to other people’s lists of links. […] Make a giant interconnected web of resources and get the word out in spaces you’re in for those topics that you’ve got a wealth of information gathered, and encourage others to do the same.

I’ve just started, so it’s far from finished (and as is often the case with these things, “finished” isn’t exactly a state ever likely to be reached), but it’s a start!

Year 50 Day 362

Me in our living room with my laptop on my lap and using wired earbuds with my DJ software visible on the screen.

Day 362: A nice slow day of shopping, laundry, reading, and spending some time working with my music library. In the hopes of being invited back to DJ for Norwescon again next year, over the coming year I’m going to slowly go through my music library, removing the stuff I know I won’t play when DJing elsewhere and making sure that the tracks that stay on my laptop are processed and prepped. A recent update to djay Pro added variable beat grids (so that tracks where the BPM shifts during the song can still have accurate beat matching), and while most tracks are spot-on in the automatic analysis, a little time spent fine-tuning the outliers will make things much easier down the road.

Year 50 Day 361

Me in a library in front of a number of tables piled with books as people browse through them.

Day 361: This morning we stopped by the local library’s book sale, and both picked up a good sized stack. Less than $20 for a shopping bag of books is a pretty good deal!

📚 Borders of Infinity by Lois McMaster Bujold

30/2024 – ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Collects three in-universe novellas with a bit of a framing story. Of the three, the third was the best, then the first, and the last was the weakest. Admittedly, that analysis is definitely affected by modern biases; the middle story’s approach to going beyond the gender binary, while likely progressive at the time, is very dated by today’s standards, and there’s a consensual intimate relationship that involves a somewhat eyebrow-raising age issue. That said, all three are still enjoyable additions to the Vorkosigan saga.

Me holding Borders of Infinity

Year 50 Day 359

Me with a sad expression, holding a mug of Mint Medley tea.

Day 359: Somehow got confused when making our nightly mugs of tea, and made myself a mug of my wife’s Mint Medley. Unfortunately, I don’t like mint. Not sure how I managed this, but I won’t make this mistake again.