Year 50 Day 22

Me standing on a back deck, with several windchimes hanging from the deck roof, and lots of green trees in the background.

Day 22: The trees were one of the reasons we bought this place. We’re in the city and close to the things we want to do, but can also enjoy sitting on our back deck and watching squirrels, crows, hummingbirds, and the sun through the leaves.

Year 50 Day 20

Me kicked back on a dark grey couch with light grey and orange pillows behind me. On my lap is an Apple Macbook Air with a number of stickers on the lid.

Day 20: How you’d usually find me on weeknight evenings (if you broke into my house, which would be creepy and unappreciated): kicked back on the couch as we watch TV after dinner, sometimes paying attention to what we’re watching, sometimes puttering with one project or another on my computer.

Year 50 Day 19

Me standing in front of a wooden fence, next to a metal birdbath and several freshly updated planters and flowerpots.

Day 19: A nice morning working in the backyard (which for me, primarily consists of following my wife’s instructions), refreshing the planters and flowerpots, cleaning off the outdoor furniture, and generally getting it prepped for summer.

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Year 50 Day 18

Me standing in a grocery store, wearing a grey cap, black t-shirt, black KN95 mask, and dark sunglasses.

Day 18: Forgot to swap sunglasses for normal glasses before heading into the store, and thus inadvertently fulfilled my personal “creepy old white guy in the grocery store” quota for the indefinite future.

Year 50 Day 16

Me standing outside wearing a grey cap and black short-sleeve button-up shirt with a floral pattern on the right half. Behind me is the college campus.

Day 16: Gave two presentations today for Global Accessibility Awareness Day. The first was on basic document accessibility concepts and techniques; the second was on how to caption videos using the college’s tools. Both went well, and I have some good ideas and tips on how to improve them for future presentations.

Year 50 Day 15

Me, visible from the shoulders up, not wearing a shirt, leaning against a pillow in bed, with a bemused expression on my face.

Day 15: Realized after getting into bed that I hadn’t done my daily photo yet (it’s likely this may not be the last time this happens over the course of the coming year). My wife is now mocking me for posting nudie pictures online.

Year 50 Day 13

Me wearing a grey Daring Fireball t-shirt in front of a green curtain suspended from the ceiling of my home office.

Day 13: Giving presentations from home means a convenient green screen is really handy. Turns out that hanging a couple green photo backdrops from a ceiling-mounted flexible curtain track makes for a really simple way to have a green screen that can be pulled out when needed and pushed away when not being used.